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We provide high speed broadband internet for all  your online internet activities, starting from 1Mbps to 2Gbps.

With ptouche wifi, there is no data cap, you can do more with us and not worry over data,We also do not limit devises or users


We leverage on-sight traffic for insights by turning guest Wi-Fi into an automated marketing tool.We have the system and technology.

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Internet for office use
hotel wifi, use ptouche.com for your unlimited internet
for your bars and restaurant , provide a wifi service
hotspot services available
internet for your homes,

Customers reviews

fast and reliable internet any-day and anytime... my company has saved 30% of the money that we spend on other mobile networks.
Head of Operations,
My team and I uses ptouche wifi at work and its been very reliable and to top it all ther have very good customer support
Lead Konsult
I use Ptouche wifi for my family, my kids are learning online and I also enjoy my favorite shows on Netflix without worry over data
Mrs kemmy

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We use various technologies and our strategic partnerships in gathering the right data for our clients, that helps them in tailoring personalized solutions to the right audience.

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