Fast ways to get your business online amidst the corona virus epidermic.

as the world health organisation has declared the corona virus an epidemic,a lot of businesses and people are already working from home, leading to changing user buying behavior. This leaves most business with thoughts on fast ways to get their business online amidst the corona virus epidermic.

With schools, businesses, churches shutting down across nations; and people working from home; the digital space has had a high spark of online users and engagement; the way people also spend money has changed equally.

People are using up their free time to do a lot online, and for businesses that have highly positioned before the crises, they are having a seamless upgrade and are cashing out seriously.


We may not know how long this epidermic could go on before a cure but we sure know that we cant fold our hands without making the best of the situation or rather leveraging on a huge opportunity to get our own share of digital money.

The question is, what can your business do about it?

If you run an offline business, here are a list of things you can start doing immediately to get your business online amidst the corona virus epidermic and changing user habit.

First,Get Your Business Online

If your are a product or service business and you don’t have a strong digital footprint, then this is a great opportunity to do so, although having a reliable internet provider is one of the major things to consider, here are best ways/tools you can start using immediately to stay connected with your customers.

Get a Social account:

if you don’t have one yet, now is a good time to do so. In choosing a social channel to use, one of the things i do is to find out averagely where my target audience are likely to spend more time searching for my kind of business offering/solution.

in order to answer that, you must first, do a buyer persona, however, some of the popular channels are facebook, twitter, instagram linkedin ,pininterest.

Content Creation:

knowing the kind of contents your clients will love to interact with its good, you can build up a general idea of what customers will love to consume online from a list of your offline activities, and experiences,

You can also throw in contents that borders on how your business can serve them online amidst the corona virus epidermic with that in mind, i will suggest you get a content calender ready to help structure your contents. Some popular apps for content calender creation are; excell sheet, google sheet, trello, sheets,story chief, personally, i use storychief as an all in one content marketing tool for my content calender, scheduling, team collaboration on contents, Seo check, social share,campaign management, and also monitor published reports and user interactions with them.

Aside getting a calender, knowing the different types of contents to create also matters; types of contents can vary from infographs, to videos, animation, blogpost, graphics,memes etc .

For design,one of my favorite tools is canva. it gives you the varieties you need in content creation. you don’t need to be a pro, i am not one, but it’s made easy for people like me and you without little experience.


in all honesty, this is the best to have an identity online more than ever, the reason is with the corona virus and people staying at home, the internet is almost exploding.

People are spending all day online searching, learning, and networking. Here is your chance. if you are looking for an agency that can help you build a professional site then check out codekago. nonetheless if you are just in a hurry to get your business out there, here are common sites that are already built up for you and you can start be online in less than 5 hours,visit, others are, and of course you will be needing a good hosting company here are a few that comes to mind; godaddy, whogohost, bluehost, qservers.


with your website set up and ready to go, if you run an information business where you need to run consulting, online courses,training or even e-commerce.

Having a payment gateway to receive transaction is very important especially during this time, as a matter of fact, one of the catalyst effect of the corona virus epidermic is that it has led to the rise of the cashless society and the e-wallet system.

Integrating a payment gateway to your platforms across board it’s very critical at this point.

Set up an Invoicing and Acct Management:

With business online now, that will automatically change the existing business structure.

While we cant say how much time this epidermic will be around for, its only prudent to keep tabs also on finances.

Business should set up a cloud based invoicing and accounting software to handle finances and encourage collaboration among accounts/finance staff.

Here are a couple of fantastic apps that you can get your hands on quickly without breaking the bank; quickbooks,. zohobook. quickbooks is very comprehensive and affordable, has a package for small businesses and large one currently running a 50%discount, while for zohobooks, they have the free version you can use for quick invoicing set up and payments, other interesting plan also exist.

Link up with a Delivery :

If you are a service based business then this is not for you, but if you are a product based business then you should read this; find out if there is any in your local area, you can check by using google by business or searching on google maps.

And for customer support and enquiry, you can integrate whatsapp, facebook chatbot, and emails for communication and interaction with clients to provide support

while on one side, there is the online interface with clients; another important online interface is with your staff.

The following are a list of tools you can use to improve collaboration and stay in business in this season:

Meeting :

Just like you will do your general meeting or staff meeting in your offline office, there are also online tools that can be used to replicate this experience, few of such tools are zoom, go to meeting, google

With these tools, you can video conference, share screen and take notes.

For communication:

We know that communication is everything, you will want your team to keep up with communication, here are list of items that can be used:

Slack, email, whatsapp group

Project Management:

Do you have any ongoing project and you have to continue remotely; your business can really use some sound project management tools online to track your team’s project.

Tools like trello, basecamp, monday are very popular for project management, trello is relatively basic and cheaper but for for extensive project and bigger team, then basecamp and monday are much better.


With a new business world online, I know you would also want to have basic rules of operation to keep up with your offline structure. I suggest you use slack to communicate policies to your team.

slack screen short culled from @john Lincon’s video

list out your dos’ and donts’ online, how to communicate, how to store information, how to share information, equipment, time tracking amongst others.

In conclusion;

In dire times like this when businesses are taking huge impact from the corona virus epidermic, the ability for businesses to quickly adapt with changing time using technology is required for its own survival, few years ago,we did not have all the advantages we currently enjoy with technology, and this leaves a real opportunity for business survival. learning how to implement all these listed above is a good step for sustainability and relevance in dire times. We can turn things around for our good.

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