How small businesses can get through COVID 19

how small businesses get get through covid 19

As businesses undergo a challenging time in history, business owners are anxious about the impacts it’s having in our daily lives and business and how small businesses can get through COVID 19 crises, the fact is, ‘things will never be the same again’.

For most small businesses the impact will be much especially if there wasn’t much investment in technology, but the good news is, this article will help you catch up on how you can quickly adjust and best tools you can use right away for your business to get through covid19.

When dealing with a crisis like this, one thing is sure, there will be changes or adjustments in your business operations and workflows. the first thing to ask right now is if your business needs the remote working model or not if it’s a no, which is mostly the answer for product-based businesses, that requires that you limit your workforce to essential staff and use other means to manage the rest, in this case; technology.




Before now, few small businesses could boast of investing in accounting software, most are still using excel sheets in keeping records, not only does this waste time, but it gives room for errors and increases time used, some, however, use accounting software that works on LAN (LOCAL AREA NETWORK) but with this COVID 19, it changes everything.

This might be the right time for businesses to automate their accounting using cloud-based technologies, what this means is that your accounting updates can be done anywhere without requiring the accountant and the team to be in one place(office).

your team can interact with data supplied and manage accounts anywhere in the world. Some of the cloud-based accounting software that is very affordable and covers most accounting needs are QuickBooks, (they have a 30-day trial you can start using)and zohobooks (they offer a 14-day trial)

This is an important way how small business can deal with the crisis and take advantage of the challenges and imbibe automation so as to cut down on losses and close up loopholes even after the COVID period… this will push your business forward.


Never in history has there been a sudden awakening to the need to sell online than now! any entrepreneur that wants to keep doing business knows this, before now, small businesses have always put off this idea as a very far away plan, in the bid to waiting for the right time.

However, how people sell and buy has taking a new shift in the past 1 month, getting online is only natural at this point; you can do this using several mediums depending on what you selling, your intending reach/market area, or mode of receiving payment; channels like an e-commerce store, FB market places, WhatsApp for business,IG , affiliate markets, etc,(will discuss how to set up this channels for business in the coming blog post).

how people sell and buy has taking a new shift in the past 1 month, getting online is only natural at this point

How You Acquire Customers:

Words like lead generation, list building, paid ad, paid referrals, and email services will become popular than ever before and will be one of the ways, how small businesses can get through covid19.

How businesses can attract and retain customers is changing fast, luckily there are other small businesses making a killing, a closer look at there structure, you will see their marketing strategy around lead generation AND nurturing, and investment in paid ads, but having the skills to set up this channels, will help you avoid unnecessary AD waste and also help you define your marketing goals per time.

luckily there are a lot of tools out there to help you achieve this, here a couple of them that small BUSINESSES ARE USING TO ATTRACT, NURTURE AND KEEP CUSTOMERS COMING BACK.

live storm; is your simple webinar app, webinars have a high conversion records of up to 60 percent of the engaged audience, for now, at the moment, they are giving out their ‘meet premium’ for free until covid19 crises is over, so businesses can quickly take advantage of this for their live meetings.

Freshmarketer: This is an intelligent marketing automation for fast-paced teams, Freshmarketer gives you better automation, faster conversions, and more sales.

others are, a powerful e-commerce platform for creators to sell digital products, physical goods and subscriptions all from one place. Is our go-to tool for building a landing page, sales funnels, email list building, webinar or marketing automation. is easy to use and they offer a 30 day trial with support.

Facebook lead Ad: If you want to start right away to generate leads using your Facebook page, then this one is a go, You have to set up your Facebook business account to be able to use this one. (keep tabs with us to learn more)

How To Coordinate Workflow:

keeping employee engagement will be a daunting task for small businesses in dealing with the COVID 19 crisis, especially if this is new for you. knowing how to measure staff input, while they are working from home is essential in controlling output, employee retention and satisfaction.

As a business owner, this might mean drafting new KPIs(key performance indicators) for your team, having tools to track this KPIs, setting SMART goals, organizing the whole team virtually, setting up online meetings, resource centers, and online dos’ and donts’, you won’t be the first to walk down this road, here are tools businesses are using to crush it and improve employee engagement and productivity.

Hive makes it easy to integrate all your platforms in one tool, Trello, is used in managing tasks and monitoring delivery, same as Basecamp, and Monday, Trainual, is used in documenting and organising processes and policies, staff onboarding and keeping teams accountable, you should check them out(will throw more light on how to set up in the coming post)

The way you see INTERNET SERVICE:

It is a fact that our world is changing and changing really fast, having access to the internet will be a prerequisite to your online success, knowing that most of your work and that of your team will be done online, should make you ask how much data will be required; from the zoom meetings to the data-sharing apps, to content creation and webinars or e-commerce stores online.

For sustainability and cost control, a business should look at the broadband unlimited data plans provided by ISPS (internet service providers) as they give a lot of flexibility to business owners, you only pay per subscription regardless of what data you use. So if you and your team will be spending much time online, you have to start adjusting how you see the internet and start making better plans as the unlimited solution will always be better.

Ptouche wifi has a structure that enables businesses to work online using their SME-friendly packages.

In Conclusion:

As Charles Darwin says, it is the survival of the fittest, we either adapt or die, same goes to business, this is a time to act very fast if you want your business to still be in business.

If you run a retail business, check out our blog post on fast ways to get your business online and if you still need clarity on how to set up your business online and wish to speak to an online consultant send us a mail at or sign up to our email list.



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