Hotel wifi marketing; how hotels can attract and keep customers loyal

hotel wifi marketing
hotel wifi marketing

Hotel wifi marketing can be a game-changer for hotels looking at taking their marketing to the next phase. Hotels can turn their guest wifi into a powerful marketing tool.

Hotel wifi marketing is simply a system for tracking, interpreting, and utilizing customer experience and behavior via a guest WiFi system.

By using a WiFi analytics platform, hotel marketers can collate this data to study it and uncover customers’ behavioral patterns that may hold marketing opportunities.

I recently had a chat with a prospect who is a hotel owner, our discussion was around the need to upgrade his wifi speed from 4mps to about 10mbps, for his 55 rooms, he had objected to the need for that speed saying he was already doing too much and settled at 8, somehow, our discussion shifted to the early days as far back as 2002 when the internet was pretty new and hotels were just getting a hang of it.

He shared how one of the biggest hotels in Nigeria, was using about 2mbps for a price that cost an arm and a leg.

Then, being in a hotel that offers wifi service was a big deal and very premium, but now just like most new things, we have come to see internet provision not just as a nice to have for modern hotels only, but as a must-have, hence wifi has become a major running cost for modern hotels.

Yet with any other running cost, management has to discover more efficient ways to keep it reduced or alternatively find proper ways to maximize its utility.

Nowadays, wifi service should no longer be viewed as a cost center but as a marketing center/opportunity to learn more about your guests, this perspective can only be utilized by hoteliers who can leverage the power of technology.

Here are ways hotels can make better use of their free wifi using hotel wifi marketing

  • The Login Splash image:

The first access upon login is a splash page, equivalent to any landing page but the goal here is to tell more information about the hotel that may excite the guest’s stay, it’s equivalent to what you have a customer rep or hotel tour guide do for you.

Here, the page can tell about the various offers or activities the hotel will love to communicate to a guest.

Here content plays a vital role, a great content placed here can give a good sales conversion, VIDEOS, GIFS, GRAPHICS are the right types of content

    A redirect page can be set that redirects a customer upon login to different pages depending on their login status; returning user or new customer. this function is a smart way of upselling, new customers can be served a virtual tour or bonuses as newbies while old customers can be sent to a loyalty program for instance. the idea of the redirect is to upsell or drive traffic to certain pages that are personalized just for them.
  • Automated Data Collection:

When you engage hotel wifi marketing one of the things required are a customer login option, and a seamless way of doing such is to either create your own landing page or integrate social login for the guest,

whichever way, users get to log in with their details which are secured. The benefits of using social login are that you can LEARN about your guest demographic, interest, and habit,

and with Facebook pixel tracking and lookalike audience, you can continue remarketing to these customers even when they have left the premises,

moreso, you can also remarket to friends of guests who may share similar interests, habits and likely use hotels just like their friends using Facebook look alike.

  • Track Foot Traffic on your Property:

As a hotel owner or management, do you have data on the part of your property, where your guest spends most of there time?

imagine how you can improve customer experiences, and drive more patronage in other areas if you had a tool with the ability to track users as they move around your hotel.

With a hotel wifi marketing tool, once users log in to the free wifi, using their mobile devices, the system shows where the users are on the property, and also parts that are ignored.

This information can be used in improving operations, optimize digital wayfinding, and develop new ideas for more engaged guests.

  • Feedback rating/Google Review:

Imagine you can have your guest tell you about how you did with your service, wouldn’t it be nice to hear from them, good or bad at least you have an opportunity to address a wrong service before an angry customer drops a rating on google review that may hurt your brand image.

Hotel wifi marketing also comes with an automated feedback/rating system, that identifies that are customer had checked out or is outside the location for a long time it could be for 24 hours or so, the system can be enabled to push out an email, asking for a service review, this gives you an opportunity to hear and rate your service, bad reviews are dealt with while the good review can be pushed on to reflect on google reviews and rating, and in our digital space, the value of a review on Google is a social capital that builds on the image of the hotels.



  • Geofencing and push notification:

Earlier we talked about heatmaps and tracking guest movements around the facility, as an addon, with on-site geofences, you can automatically trigger a relevant push notification to the guest based on their position on your property, For example, you could set a geofence around the spa at your resort. When a guest walks into the spa, the geofence could trigger a push notification to their phone to alert them of spa specials.

in conclusion:

with these possible things you can do with the wifi, hoteliers should approach wifi provision not just as a necessary amenity expected by guests, but also as a powerful tool to collate data, deliver personalised marketing, drive more customer experience, engagement. loyalty, improve operations, and ultimately sales.
It’s a win-win for everyone and it’s all possible using hotel wifi marketing tools. You can also learn how to drive more productivity in your hotel operations

We at ptouche can offer these services on our internet packages for hotels.

contact us here if you think these services are highly needed for your hotel’s next phase.

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