How to know if you need an unlimited internet service plan

unlimited internet
how to know when you need an unlimited internet plan

So many people still think that unlimited plan is a far cry especially for a typical Nigerian, some even still doubt if there is anything truly like unlimited data, maybe because the popular internet access we have are mostly from our mobile phones and they had unconsciously conditioned our minds to think in terms of MBPS/GIG and top-ups;

this conditioning had been powered by the several adverts heavily sponsored by the big telcos. Shocker… we still have a broadband internet service business models that offer unlimited internet.

But keep reading, while it still sounds too good to be true for some, others have actually leveraged on this and have saved cost, improved efficiency, and work productivity.  If you are part of the list below, then it’s time you rethink your approach to data.

TYPE of Work:

do you work as any of these :

Remote Software engineer/freelancer

Online digital marketing/social media/writer,

Online customer rep/virtual assistant

Online Teacher/coach

Online student

Online trader

If you fall into the job category or anything similar, sometimes you need to collaborate among other team members, learn online, zoom meetings, you tubing, and interacting with heavy bandwidth sites.

Well, you may not realize how much this is costing your bottom line, that’s because some of us may not be tracking most of our data spend, we sometimes get too busy to keep such tabs, when we get those data low messages, we just quickly go to our app and top-up or borrow in some cases, at most we look for some powerful data plan deals that promise an extra 20g or so, so we join and in a few days we back again…

So if you are working from home and you do not want to look over your shoulders again and worry over data, then an unlimited internet plan is ideal.

Let’s do the maths:  how much do you spend a month across all devices?

Do you think you can do more when you know your data is truly unlimited?

Do you think your productivity will be improved?

if your answers are yes, and you spend up to 15k and above on data, then this is for you


Your Team:

Is your team up to 4 and all 4 work online and in the same office?

If your answer is yes; then its time to rethink your internet plan;  you absolutely will be spending more even without knowing it,

your team might even be a bit considerate about their usage because they may be saving money for you yet affecting their productivity, this part is almost unseen and unconscious,

but with unlimited internet, it comes with more added behavioral changes and advancement, your team will start collaborating more, researching better, and increasing team participation and productivity, work becomes more enjoyable.


While the COVID came with all that negative stories, the tech industry saw major positives, it changed our outlook as humans and as businesses, we saw different ways of running a business and some of which were online learning, kids, and schools learned and taught online.

I have a 15-year-old who wants to learn extra, it’s actually expensive and time-consuming to get teachers to teach him extra classes but with my laptop, we had subscribed to some free YouTube tutorials and udemy courses where he learns and trust me it’s been worth it, we have taken the stress off hiring a tutor. Then comes another problem,,

Youtubing is another heavy commitment in terms of data, if you are not careful, you will see yourself spending more on data, but with an unlimited internet plan, you can rest assured that your data won’t finish and your kids will have unlimited data available for study.

Some other benefits that come with using broadband internet especially for kids are:

There are layers of control one can set up to monitor their kid’s usage of the internet.

You can control the amount of time they spend per day on the internet

You can also control the amount of data they use using the router dashboards

You can block their access to certain sites visit; you must talk to your provider if you are not technically savvy.

While having internet access is good for a child’s learning and development, but moderations and control are all necessary for this funny and wild world, it’s actually recommended that every parent who can afford it should make efforts towards providing broadband internet for their kids learning and actually save cost in the long run

Streaming online services:

If you running a church online, I bet you will need a reliable and strong internet service to deliver quality videos and voice across your different channels, this is non-negotiable.

Hence one of the prerequisites to have an active church online that can be sustainable in the long run is data, and having unlimited data is your sure bet to save more.

Hotel wifi:

Did you know that one of the reasons people consider before they can select a hotel service is access to free internet service, some of the reasons for this behaviors can be due to the fact that some visitors are foreigners and may not have access to the local line immediately, hence the need to stay in touch via wifi access.

Secondly, they want to enjoy the full worth of their spending, thirdly most iPhone users see traveling and lodging as a good time to do ios updates using wifi. Now imagine using a data cap to run your hotel. You will absolutely be at the losing end sooner or later.

However, some hotels are beginning to leverage their wifi to run automated wifi marketing to keep tabs on their customer read this to learn more about guest wifi marketing/

School computer lab:

If you are running a school and you have a computer lab or offer virtual classes, then you need to also consider switching to unlimited internet.

Over time your students might have a need to carry out more research and teachers will want to learn too then you will see there is no need to limit data usage as it will be discouraging for growth.

In conclusion, unlimited broadband internet is a prerequisite in today’s data-driven world, with the growing benefits of the internet of things, one can only think of ways to leverage and not be limited by data caps, unlimited broadband gives users the freedom to explore all the benefit made available by the internet and leverage them effectively without constraints.


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