Network And Internet Services

Internet services

We provide broadband unlimited internet services to homes, offices, hotels, schools, churches, hospitals, etc using microwave transmitter. We also do general Networking, LAN connections, IP set up and fiber connectivity for offices, homes, etc

Hotel wifi

We provide complete Networking and internet installation to hotels. Our service is dedicated and hotspot services are also available to hotel guests. Our customer and tech support team are available 24/7 for hotel service monitoring. We also offer guest wifi marketing services, for hotels that want to grow their customers and build customer loyalty through targeted marketing. Our Social login for guests, allows you to advertise or get feedback from guests about their experience. Now, technology has even made it even more possible to market to your guest even when they are in or out of your business premises.

Home wifi

Enjoy online tv, camera connectivity, and other smart home technologies with ease using an unlimited internet solution. You can stay connected to your home no matter how far you are. Enjoy family moments learning, binging, or video calling without worry over data. Our home packages are from 2mbps and above

Enterprise Solutions

For businesses and organizations, who do heavy online activities. Internet doesn’t need to be slow or even limited. With our enterprise solutions, you can stream, learn, do meetings, share files and stay connected and never worry over data caps.

Hotspot Services

Our hotspot centers’ provides on the go cheaper internet for freelancers, student, online learning teams who enjoy working outside the home.

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