The truth about UNLIMITED DATA

unlimited data; the truth they don’t want you to know

If you are like me that does most of my work online or you love to stay online , watching movies, gaming or video calling, i know how the concept of unlimited data may sound to you,here is the truth about unlimited data they don’t want you to know,and in this are ways you can search for and get one .

while most people have come to really loose hope on the concept of unlimited data as a marketing hype, luckily for you we want to tell you some truth about the industry, at the end of this article, you will get to find out the real idea behind the UNLIMITED DATA and know how to really get one.

For a heavy internet user, Unlimited data can really sound like an interesting plan, after all the idea of being able to download and upload, stream,netflix and chill without worry over data , can be a great feeling.

UNLIMIITED DATA has been randomly used amongst telecommunication especially during advert as a way of attracting users to their package ,but in reality what usually happens is that telcos estimate the value of what an average user can use within a period then tag it as unlimited.

Unfortunately with the high demand and usage of data by consumers, this average data spend estimated are no longer working as planned, thus you will see your ‘unlimited data’ finishing up even before the due date,honestly, this feeling is one of the worst feelings you can have next to hitting your toe against a stone…ouch!!

Do we get to blame the telcos for tagging it ‘unlimited data’? yes/no

the concept of unlimited started few years back, at the onset of the internet, aside sending email and surfing for a while,users did not have so much to do online,and network providers did not have any need to lure people with this term, but as demand for data usage increased due to the different online platforms,collaboration tools,connectivity and internet of things,

telcos however needed to also protect themselves from this huge demand while considering price and high cost of delivery, the implication is that if you happen to use up your ESTIMATED UNLIMITED DATA ,then you have to pay more to stay online.

with this new knowledge or more like affirming to what you already know is happening, the question will be, how do we ever get to the the real UNLIMITED LAND…flowing with excess data and no data cap?

Here is where the unlimited internet service providers come in. Most people are more conversant with the telcos like mtn glo, etc, few are aware about the concept of ISPs, maybe because most isps are not downstream per say thus the low advertising. but with ISP’s, they are naturally built for the unlimited lifestyle. with isps, broadband internet is delivered via fibre,radio-link, LTE what this means is that providers have to make an installations most times to avail a network, as the cost of service continues to decrease it also gives the isp a better edge to stay competitive, without worry over loosing money

while offering unlimited internet; you pay a monthly subscription , on speed usually referred to MBPS-megabytes per second…. and you have unlimited data.. no matter how long or how much activity you do online, you don’t have to worry over data cap… your worry only sets in when a lot of people are on your network… they will only draw your speed but without affecting your data… more speed more money.

Personally, this is the solution I use for work and home, i don’t get to worry about any text message coming in notifying me about my data usage, that can be quite annoying… i and my colleagues and family will always enjoy internet without looking over our shoulders.

How do you identify isp in your locality and how can you know if they are reliable?

here are few questions to ask and information you should look out for when trying to look for or engage an isp;

1 User Reviews, what are people saying about them:these people could be previous users, a case when you have a lot of people complaining then this will be a red flag

2: Be sure about the writing in their terms and conditions are their hidden charges

3: what are the cost of installations, while some cover cost of installation while fusing it in the price package.

4:what is their customer support time for the package you are subscribing to.

5: what is their upload and download speed for the packages you are subscribing to.

In conclusions

Unlimited data is actually a reality most available with isp, knowing the difference between your telcos and isp will help you in making a decision on which solution to use, and if you are considering to switch to the real unlimited data,you can check out this; in addition,the above listed questions should also guide you into making a better decision,but before you finally decide to subscribe with an isp, you should first, check your data usage first to determine if unlimited data plan is for you.

with isps, broadband internet is delivered via fibre,radio-link, LTE

So where do unlimited Internet providers come in? Today, the costs of data have fallen significantly in comparison to what they were a few years ago. As such, providers are able to offer data plans on an unlimited basis to their customers without worrying too much about making losses.

What Internet providers do to in order to avail unlimited data to their users is to estimate the capacity required for a particular group of users in a certain area, and then avail this to the users at a certain rate. Usually, the providers will estimate that within a particular period, the users will not go beyond a certain level of consumption. The truth, however, is that this might happen. For instance, when multiple users decide to stream HD movie on Netflix all at once, the broadband might face some constraints.

It is therefore important that you choose an ISP that can cope with demand, fluctuating and otherwise. There are certain things that you should look out for in order to determine which would be the best ISP for unlimited data.

hat you need.

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